Barack Obamathe Worlds Loneliest Leader

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Americas on the move

By F. William Engdahl 27 April, 2014

It’s highly likely that US President Barack Obama is today the world’s loneliest leader. He has clearly been double-crossed again and again by his most trusted friends and advisers, betrayed by “friends,” and hated by foes.

His National Security Adviser, Susan Rice—a key architect with Obama UN Ambassador Samantha Power, and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of the disastrous wars on Libya and later Syria, and now, a de facto Cold War against Russia via Ukraine—is bent on urging the President to wage war in every corner of the globe. Rice is a 21st Century version of the psychopathic Teddy Roosevelt. One can imagine if it were the Holy Crusades she would want to grab the sword to kill infidels everywhere. In 1996 Susan Rice, as State Department Assistant Secretary for Africa, was responsible for Congo Wars spearheaded by Rwanda that led to over five million deaths, “to get rid of Mobutu...”

Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, who tried to incite a Russian invasion of Ukraine recently, has been called a knuckle-dragging thug. He supported the use of torture by the CIA, as well as openly backing CIA drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere—hardly the type of intelligence adviser a peace-seeking President needs.

Obama clearly has few if any true friends surrounding him in the manner JFK had with brother Bobby, and others in his closest circle of trusted advisers.

His former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, betrayed the US and the President’s interest with every month she was in office. She left behind her at the State Department people like the former Dick Cheney aide and neo-conservative hawk, Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland. Rice and Samantha Power appear more bound emotionally to the prospect of working with a future President Hillary Clinton than loyal service to their nation’s true interests. Nuland’s Ukraine debacle is driving the world into a new Cold War, as a preparation for Clinton’s planned Presidential bid in 2016 as a tough, no-nonsense alternative to Obama. Clinton, who with her corrupt husband Bill have been intimates of the Bush family cabal for decades since their Arkansas days, seems to be working behind-the-scenes to weaken Obama, to make him, in fact, emotionally ill before the 2016 elections.

Outside the White House and Democratic Party circles, Obama is being blocked at every possible turn by Benjamin Netanyahu’s corrupt right-wing Likud circle of friends. The obscenely wealthy multi-billionaire Las Vegas and Macau casino boss, Sheldon Adelson, has openly declared war on the President on behalf of his Netanyahu pals, investing by some accounts, some $150 million in the Romney-Obama election to defeat the President. On clear urging from Netanyahu’s circles, Adelson has bought the votes of key Washington Congressmen to sabotage Obama policies in seeking rapprochement with Iran or a way out of the Syria debacle.

Kiev about to explode

A weak and isolated Obama has buckled in to neo-conservatives and war-mongers around him and seems intent on making Vladimir Putin into a new “Adolf Hitler,” a foolish policy that has even drawn criticism from former Secretary of State henry Kissinger who recently remarked “demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a strategy…”

The agreement reached on April 17 between Russia, Ukraine, the EU and US to defuse the escalating Ukraine crisis, stands ready to collapse because Washington and the EU and Ukraine “coup government” refuse to disarm the several thousand Pravy Sektor neo-nazi terrorists who now have status within the Ukraine government.

Pravy Sektor, an alliance of far-right nationalist groups and paramilitary neo-nazis including the Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defence (UNA-UNSO) NATO “Gladio B” forces, were the first to use lethal violence against Government police during the Maidan Square protests where they ran “security,” using Molotov Cocktails and homemade bombs against police. They have refused an April 1 Ukrainian Parliament resolution calling on all paramilitary militias to surrender their weapons. Instead, they regularly engage in shootings since the coup and have an arsenal of weapons seized from an Interior Ministry arsenal in western Ukraine near Lviv.

People in the Obama Administration including Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland knowingly backed a coup against the democratically-elected President Yanukovich in February knowing well who Pravy Sektor was. Now the ten thousand or so Pravy Sektor armed paramilitaries are in Kiev like a bundle of dynamite near a raging fire, where the slightest wind could ignite the dynamite.

Pravy Sektor terrorists are less ideologically neo-Nazis nor politically motivated in the least. Their Nazi symbols and slogans are used to instill fear in the population, a fear off of which they feed and becoe more powerful. They are part of a peculiar East Block organized crime mafia network which is now tied to similar organized mafia networks in Poland, Hungary, Croatia, in the surrounding ambience of the Le Pen right-wing circles in France, in Romania, Slovakia. These mafia terror forces are hiding behind a dangerous political cover of ultra-right fascism or neo-nazi ideologies to spread fear across Europe. This is the explosion that stupid US intervention policies in Ukraine have triggered, and that beast is not about to quietly return to its cage.

Instead of trying to deal with the consequences of what Nuland and friends at the CIA have unleashed in Kiev with an emotionally unstable coup regime, Washington State Department spokesmen use the Russian Geneva truce negotiation attempt to threaten Russia further, pushing the World to the brink of war by miscalculation.

The US State Department is sabotaging any prospect of peaceful solution by threatening new sanctions on Russia if Russia does not make the Geneva agreement work, but remains stone silent about disarming the Pravy Sektor. The present appointed head of the Ukraine National Security and defense Council, Andriy Parubiy, co-founded the neo-nazi Social-National Party of Ukraine together with Oleh Tyahnybok, now head of Svoboda in Parliament. Parubiy led the Pravy Sektor security and terror operations at Maidan Square.

A US State Department reliant on an uncontrolled group of psychopaths is hardly reassuring for world peace. That they mislead an isolated US President is even more criminal.

An isolated Obama surrounded by stupidity

The primary problem for Barack Obama is that he has allowed himself to be surrounded by stupidity, by essentially stupid people, some of whom are hypnotized by a dark agenda of war, real hot war, not just Cold War. Susan Rice, Samantha Power, John Brennan of the CIA, Hillary Clinton from the shadows, all are pursuing their dark agenda, contrary to Obama’s desire to be remembered as the peace president.

General Dempsey of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, like Obama, clearly wishes to avoid war. He has felt its horror and understands its costs. But the two men lack the closeness which could help both be more effective in preventing war. That has to do with culture and other issues, sadly.

The core of the stupidity that surrounds the Obama White House is in the CIA of John Brennan. The leading people in today’s CIA clearly are incapable of thinking beyond one dimension, of thinking in global, interconnected systems. The CIA is crippled by its own internalized fear, fear that prevents its leading figures from seeing complexities of the world beyond water boarding, torture, assassination. They as an institution essentially have the mentality of small children.

Emotionally the leading figures of the CIA think like children. Their collective inability to overcome that essential fear about all keeps the CIA essentially “stupid.” The same follows for little people likewise stupid, people like Susan Rice, Samantha Power or Hillary Clinton.

It’s time for the world to prevent a new world war before it’s too late and not allow stupidity to dominate.

One person, President Barack Obama, for all his human flaws and shortcomings, bears on his shoulders an awesome responsibility for war or peace on this planet. At one minute to midnight, he tried to try to pull the USA back from war against Syria and to find a diplomatic resolution of the Iran conflict that many of his advisers and the hawkish neo-conservatives in the Republican Party demanded. The faction wanting new wars responded to Obama’s Iran and Syria diplomatic initiatives with the detonation of the Ukraine crisis last November.

Now the question is whether the US President will have the moral courage to pull back from a looming new war, this with Russia at the center, over Ukraine. The clock is ticking very loudly.

Source: by F. William Engdahl

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