Addition by Subtraction, (x, y)↦x−y

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From Mark Twain “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” As we head off into the “End of the Oil Age”, it is important to note that the world has had many similar endings. The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, The Iron Age and now we have the Oil Age, which will certainly be replaced by The Information Age. Strangely in this coming era of Fake News, the truth will become even more powerful than even Hydro-carbons. 

Think how the world has been shaped and formed by just one simple truth, the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo and of what this simple knowledge meant to Nathan Mayer Rothschild and the British Crown. Today we have the ability to know the simultaneous outcome of thousands of events and this knowledge is worth more than the world’s total output of crude. Seems fitting that the Family most known for the creation of the Oil Age will directly and in-directly be spearheading its demise. 

The Rockefeller Family certainly was instrumental in the creation of the Oil Age and certainly had a large role in the creation of the Petrol D0llar.  Amazing that the man David Rockefeller living with his SIXTH heart transplant will probably still be around to see the end. Hard to know which is more powerful Exxon Mobile or Chase Manhattan Bank and now realize there is one family that controls both. Exxon Mobile with their operations through-out the world, or Chase Bank who opened the First American Bank in Moscow and also became the first National Bank in China. Now realize there is one family who sees all of these business dealings and knows the outcomes of millions of contracts going on in the world. From John D. Rockefeller, the father of the Oil Age.    

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” “When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters-one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” “I have ways of making money that you know nothing of.” Now imagine the outcome when you make 1% off of the efforts of several billion people.  

One can only imagine what the Rockefeller Family is thinking of the coming crisis and just what an opportunity this crisis is going to create. From Henry Kissinger back in the 1970’s “If you control the oil, you control entire nations or groups of nations.” In the Information Age this will turn into, “If you control the Information, you can control the entire world.” As to the making of money that we know nothing of, one needs to look at the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Selection process. 

The three most powerful people in Washington D.C., Rex Tillerson, Former Exxon/Mobile C.E.O, now Secretary of State, Steven Mnuchin, former Partner at Goldman Sachs, now Secretary of the Treasury and President Donald Trump, sometimes reality TV star.   

All three of these men understand the power of addition by subtraction, because all have used this formula for their financial gain. The combination of all three’s understanding of addition by subtraction is what made the Rockefeller Family the most powerful on earth. 

Rex Tillerson understands this formula by simply subtracting proven hydro-carbon reserves from his balance sheet. This simple paper cost transaction can double or triple the price of today’s output. 

Now imagine what gets created when you can do this subtraction with the entire world’s proven reserves. Like the game of poker, the stock market is a zero sum game and no money is created in the market. Steven Mnuchin certainly understands that the poker pot needs to get much larger than it is today for any real money to be gained. This is much easier to do when it is other people’s money that you are playing the game with. It is only through subtraction from the pot, that the money gets made. 

We’ve seen what happened from the bursting of the Bubble, we’ve seen what happened with the bursting of the Real Estate Bubble and now we are going to see the effects of the bursting of the upcoming Commodity Bubble, or maybe even a combination of all three.  

Just as the Glass-Steagal act was stripped away to help create the Real Estate Bubble, the Dodd Frank rules will be stripped away to create the next bubble.  

More money is made by fewer players that are short the market not long. For every Mom and Pop d0llar lost in all these market bubbles there was someone on the other side of the bet who gained. 

Through subtraction from the pot the addition was made. It’s amazing what you can do with a simple understanding of some of the lessor known rules of the game and nobody understands this better than Donald Trump. How someone with a supposedly $3 billion net worth can pay absolutely no Federal income tax is amazing and to have this person be in charge of our nations treasury is even more amazing.

Once again it is the addition through subtraction that makes this possible. Through the acceleration the depreciation of commercial real estate assets is how The Donald has avoided paying any Federal Income Tax. Once again the ability to subtract paper loses has the ability to create huge financial gain. What can be gained by depreciating a 30-year asset in just 5-years can be very beneficial. I’m sure there are many more asset groups that this principle can be applied and I’m sure Trump and the rest of the crooks in charge are already writing up new rules to the game to be applied at a later time.

Welcome to the Information Age and get yourselves prepared for the upcoming creation of the Information D0llar. As we find ourselves living in a world of Federally created realities the truth will become priceless. Who the Empires Friends are and who the Empires Enemies are, are certainly not what everybody thinks. In the next eight years this will become very apparent. Remember to save and spend the information you know to be true wisely and hopefully what you think you really know to be true is true. I get the feeling only David Rockefeller knows for sure. 


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Correction to my article. David Rockeller has had count-em, SEVEN heart transplants. Amazing for a hundred and two year old youngster.

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