Pan Handling in the Debtors Prison, “The NEW Service Economy”

08.07.13 00:18


After a brief scan of the truly good news generated With The Friday Numbers Odium  Job Observation Bulletin Service,  (WTF, NO JOBS) one does have to wonder if all these Self Employed Roundabout Foot Soldiers (SERFS) who are so nobly guarding our wonderful nation’s busy street intersections get somehow overlooked with the numbers. 

With absolutely no public funding these patriotic do gooders have taken it upon themselves to make sure the traffic flows and widows, orphans, the aged and the infirm are given a hand crossing our nation’s dangerous streets. This extraordinary service is funded by the generous donations of those of us who still have cars and happen to be stopped at the intersections Red Light and even more astonishing still have access to a d0llar bill. 

I understand that these same Self Employed Roundabout Foot Soldiers (SERFS) also provide a vital service to the Greening of America by picking up the plastic bottles and aluminum cans scattered about in the trash containers that can usually be found close by to these busy intersections. This is like a bonus service that comes at no extra cost to those of us waiting for the light to turn green.

It is truly amazing when you consider this vibrant industry hardly even existed just ten short years ago. Today these enterprising entrepreneurs make up the cornerstone of our nations society, comprising our nations veterans, the pensioners, former schoolteachers, ex-manufacturers and our youth who somehow decided to take up this noble calling instead of joining our nation’s burger flippers, waitresses, hair dressers and retailers.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before SERFS start to merge with each other and create Wall Street’s next market moonshot with a slew of IPO’s and Venture Capital Investment.

I’m sure any day now you will see WWFF (Will Work For Food) as the next can’t miss NASDAQ IPO that will certainly be selling for a Brazilian a share by this Christmas. Judging from the amount of GDP being generated at our nations busy and sometimes not so busy intersections this new string of IPO’s will make the & Real Estate bubbles look like a small blip on the charts. 

I’m sure DOW 100,000 is just around the corner.Once again True Capitalism is trumpeting over the old and tired Socialist Folly that has surely run its course in the Old World. Where Else but in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave could you possibly make a large fortune by simply standing on a street corner and holding nothing but a hand written sign asking for money? 

It’s truly remarkable and really brings a tear to the eye when you think about it, fortunately for those whose income is derived from by reporting job numbers and GDP miracles the cattle and the sheep of this nation don’t ever think about it.

I’m sure Madison Avenue is also grateful there is an abundance of intersections on Madison Avenue where fortunes like these can still be made. Unfortunately With The Friday Numbers Odium  Job Observation Bulletin Service,  (WTF, NO JOBS) reporting of the nation creating 195,000 almost part time jobs for June, had they only been allowed to count the SERF jobs created the economy would show employment expanding by several million.

I’m sure just how Burger Flippin became a manufacturing job, standing on street corners and relying on the goodness of your fellow man to lend a handout will soon be considered a Service Economy Job. How this nation of cattle allows their jobs to be stolen is beyond me. One would think with the amount of nations this Pirate Nation has plundered, looted, raped and robbed in the last ten years there would be a great deal more loot to be spread around.


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